Using an array in Query column "Filter by"

When working with a query column, I have noticed that it doesn’t seem to allow the use of an array in the filtering.

E.g. I am trying to find rows in the source where a value is included in / contained in an array.

Is this a limitation?

Glide arrays in general do not support included in/is included in. To use that, you would first need to create a joined list from the array. You can create relations to arrays, so maybe you should be using a relation instead of a query?

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You can use “contains” or “does not contain” in arrays which is effectively the same thing as using is/not included in with a joined list.

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ah yes, sorry - I completely forgot about that.

Just getting back to your original question…

I just tested that, and it seems to work as expected:

Were you trying with a regular table, or a big table?
If a Big Table, then that’s expected because filtering by computed columns is not supported.

I’m using a regular table but a slightly different filter setup. I can’t see a way to find if the Assignee ID (i.e. Row ID) is contained in an array of this row > Staff IDs. In the picture below you can see where I have converted it to text as a workaround.

Okay, I think I see what’s going on there.
The problem is that AssigneeID (RowID) is not an array value, so the contains/does not contain options are not available.

I think your workaround might be the only way to do it :man_shrugging: