If-Then-Else + Template

Hi, I am trying to create something similar to and if+concatenate excel formula.

If {Name} ‘is not empty’ the this Template
If {Name} ‘is empty’ the this Template

Is that posisble to do as using one column type?


How different are the templates?

I’d probably use a single template column, then one or more if-then-else columns to feed values into the template.

They are very similar. The two options are:

‘A-B-C’ or ‘B-C’

It is dependent on A not being empty

Okay, so you might be better off with two template columns, then you don’t have to mess around with the dangling dash when A is empty.


  • Create your two template columns
  • Then a single if-then-else column:
    – If A is not empty, then Template A
    – Else Template B
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great, I’ll give it a go.

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