Swap Out Text- If, Then, Else


I would like to swap out the text in a string of words for my If, Then Else Column. It would be for the last column, I would like the cells which has Delivery, Pick-up to say Delivery and Pick-up. Is this possible? Thanks!

It looks like that is being generated by your Template column. The updated formatting looks like it needs to be done there.

So the ‘and’ is in the orginal column, the template says the same thing.

What is your setting for the If Then Else?

If TEM-Method is Delivery, Pick-up then Delivery and Pick-up, else TEM-Method?

It can be an easy replacement of the comma by the “and” word as well, I suppose.


This is what I have. So I created this because a few cells in the method column also say ‘N/A’. I did not want that to display in my image tag, so I created something that would take it out if N/A is there.

What is your setting for the IF-Method Tag? (the last column in your screenshot)

Created so that all the cells with ‘N/A’ show up blank for the tag.

Add a case so if TEM-Method is “Delivery, pick-up” then return “Delivery and pick-up”.

Thanks! NO Change :frowning:

Can you try swapping the 2nd condition to 1st, means we check the “Delivery, pick-up” condition before the other one.


Yes that worked. thank you!

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