User's Profile data not linking to email?

So I have input most of the data for my users, and when I used my wife’s phone to login to the app with her email address, it doesn’t show her profile data. Would there be a reason it’s not linking the data I have input for her with her new account?

Make sure you are using the same text case (upper, lower, mixed). LOWERCASE@GMAIL.COM is different from

It had something to do with some rows not having emails at all… didn’t play to well with the visibility settings.

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Was it picking up the wrong profile? I believe rows without emails become accessible to everybody when filter by email is used.

I believe that’s the issue. I used a placeholder for profiles with no email and it fixed it.

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Yes if there are any rows with no emails, and you open a page in detail view filtered to sign in user, you end up with that blank row as the detail. I’m not sure if the natural row position in the file makes a difference or not.