Email filtering

I cannot get this working
1- In privacy I have put email whitelist
2. IN the sheet i have 3 columns

  • families
  • fotos

I have put in feature
filter by and i have put the column email

I am connecting with a test mail with only this mail test in one line corresponding to one family

When i connect with this mail, all the family shows, not just the one family where i have put email at the same line than the family

Even in preview mode, it does not work something wrong i am doing

Thanks for your help

Do you have email addresses entered in the other rows? If email is blank in the sheet, it will show that row for everybody.

Use the User Data email filter at the end, not the normal Filter:

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Yes i have put the user filter
And in this column i have put only one mail in one line to test wirh this mail.if only that line was displayed when i entrr the app with this specific mail but all lines are displayed

Put fake emails in the other rows.

Empty rows show for all emails.

Thanks, I have populated all rows,
It is now working. Thank you for your help.

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