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Hopefully this isn’t to confusing but…I have a filter data option set up on my app Kutis Finances

The signed in user is an email address that is in email_address field AND in the Email_address_4 field.


When I remove the hard coded email address from the filter option Address_4 field it no longer shows up in the list.

When you test it in the development/codeing environement it shows up correctly BUT if you got the link

Do you have a better screenshot? I can’t read what your filter shows.


So to be clear, the signed in user’s email is contained in the ‘email_address’ column?
Do you use row owners for anything? If so, do all of your email_address columns have Row Owners applied?
Have you checked spelling? Any extra spaces in the email column?

I do not think i do anything with row owners. I have about 40-50 people that this works for and there are two that it does not work for.

Short of seeing the data itself, nothing is jumping out to me. Either Row Owners or spelling would be my primary suspects.

What if you copy and past the email in ‘email_address_4’ to ‘email_address’? Do you possibly have another email address column with the same name?

Where do I look to see who ROW OWNERS is ?

If you open the data editor and look at those email columns, there should be a symbol on columns that have row owners applied.


Another thought is if you had made those columns user specific, but I’m not sure.

If you share a screenshot of those column headings, I can tell you really quick if you have row owners, or if your columns are user specific.

I just added another email address and I can access when logged with that email. If I am logged in with i do not see anything. Very Weird…

Yeah, nothing is jumping out to me. You aren’t using row owners. You aren’t using user specific columns. The filter looks fine, and the email looks fine in the column. From what I can see on the surface, there is no reason why it shouldn’t work.

My only thoughts would be to re-type the email in that column, just to make sure there isn’t anything like extra spaces at the beginning or end of the email that we aren’t seeing. Maybe try creating a new ‘Email_address_2’ column, move all of the emails to that new column and adjust the filter accordingly. You could also try duplicating the app to see if the duplicate has the same behavior. Maybe create a new tab with a new filter just to see what happens.

It used to be an issue if the email was all lower case, but the user signed in with mixed case or upper case, but I think that was fixed a long time ago.

If you are still having issues, then you may have to submit a ticket to glide support.

thank for you help…

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I think it has to do something to do with the yahoo email address.

In one row I put put in email_address_2 column and it works.
in the next row I put in the email address_2 column and it does not show up.