Email matches signed in user error

Having trouble using the “email matches signed in user” filter/visibility when I select the details view vs. using a list view.

You can see here I’m using the list view and the data is filtering by user correctly. It works, but I want the same feature to be used in the “details view” via an inline list.

You can see here I’ve selected the details view with an inline list, but for some reason when I go to visibility and select “email matches signed in user” it shows everyone in that spreadsheet.

I have no idea what I’m doing wrong here! Help!

Can you show your filter settings?

Here you go.

Are you applying the filter to the inline list, or the parent details screen? (it should be the former).

Don’t confuse Visibility with Filter. Visibility controls if a component is visible or not. Filter determines what data is visible in a component.


ooh, well spotted :+1:

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I’m applying it in the inline list.

WOW! Okay, that fixed. it…

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Also, you’re checking the email against itself. It should be the email of the table you’re filtering on.

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From the screenshots, your project is built on the old – not maintained and soon to be deprecated – Classic Apps instead of the new Glide Apps. I’m just pointing this out in case you were not aware.

How do it make it the new app version?

How would I upgrade or change?

Long story short…you have to rebuild it or wait until Glide provides a tool to convert your Classic App to a New App.

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Hi, I just saw your message.

To create a new app from an old classic app, in your dashboard, in the menu of the app, you can select “New app from data”. This will essentially bring over you tables and data from the old classic app including computer columns, and you will need to rebuild the frontend in the layout editor.

So as Jeff pointed out, you will need to rebuild the app (partially, only the frontend) or wait until Glides provides a simpler method to convert an old classic app into a new app.


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