Error in the data visibility

When the user logs in the live app he sees 2 profiles of himself in the inline list

but it is working fine on the glide when I see it through the data layout

How are you structuring that screen? Are you sure the computations, taking row owners and roles into account, won’t lead to something like the live screenshot?

@ThinhDinh The inline list groups people based on the their company, it uses 1-many relations to group them all together.

We don’t want to use row owners for this screen as this data should be visible to all the employees of the company. Where they will be also able to see other people %age

I suspect the issue causing by this, the email is registered on the last row based on who is viewing the app.

Because of this error there will be 2 emails in the inline list and the app shows the profile 2 times.

I’m not sure I understand this. Why do you have to set it up like that?