User's data in Zapier

We need to map the user profile data in the Zapier fields

Search sheet function can help

Explain more please

If you have a higher plan in zapier you can use more than one action
Let us say your zap will send a mail to all your users based on an announcement.Your trigger will be watches row in sheets
Then add an action after that that searches row in your users e-mail column
Then another action which is email in the to five set the variable to the searched column

if you do not want to upgrade you can use integromat which uses multi flow for free
But it only checks for trigger under 15 minutes (free account)

Well that’s my current situation and yes I have a Team Plan with zapier built in the back end

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Any Issues

No issues for it but multiple actions in one zap will consider time frame to have an action to be done which is adding extra steps however if we have the user profile rather than finding it by the user email it will take kind of a time to reach it


Have you tried creating template columns that pull values from the user profile? Then passing the template into the Zap?

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Thanks Jeff that worked perfectly

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