Users and Glide Pro ⛑️

Hi there,
I’m just wondering how my current users will be impacted if i turn my app in a pro plan with my own domain?. It could be annoying if they have to install it again… And by the way, when my app is linked to my own domain, can i set a Google Analytics account to get more data on my users :rocket:?

The existing link continues to work alongside your custom domain. So both can co-exist. :+1:


For the analytics, Glide has an inbuilt analytics features that tracks your app right inside your app.

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@WebMaye What are these inbuild analytics you talk about? How can we access them?

Glide shows you how many users are on your app which are displayed on your dashboard.
For example, you will see ( 118 users in the last 30 days)

Thank you for your reply. I knew about those already but with your previous reply I assumed there was something more.

Ohh okay. Sorry about that!