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Hello everyone

I’ve had two or three issues since switching to the Starter plan, and I feel like I still have the settings of a free plan.

1 / When I want to activate the data refresh, it asks me to pay, you told me that you are going to solve this problem, can I have visibility on this problem.

2 / I would like to connect my Google Analytics, but also I am asked to pay, and I am in the Starter Team plan.

3 / I take this opportunity to ask you a question, in the settings, you can activate visibility on tablet and computer, however currently it is not checked and when I open the application on computer, I can see it in big screen.
What is the difference, thanks for your feedback.

4 / Another concern, when a person registers, Glide asks for the Name, how to change and ask for the first name or at least change this parameter.

5 / I can’t find how to connect a domain name in the settings.

Many thanks for your help and feedback.

Jeremy Menier

If you’re already starter and these things happen.

It means these are Pro & Enterprise level features only? Unless there’s a bug @SantiagoPerez .

If you mean this checkbox then checking it will open the app on tablet mode BY DEFAULT.


If you don’t check it, you can still open the “full” view of it by adding “/full” after the URL. It’s just not by default.

You don’t have control over this, it’s a security feature from Glide.


Thank you very much for all your answers, it’s great

Everything is very clear, thank you for taking the time to help me

I have just had the support of Glide, has it confirmed to me that my concern to activate the refresh of data, it is indeed a bug then leaves.

I take this opportunity for a small question, I sell a digital pass on my application.
I created a customer table, and a pass table and inside, there is a relationship so that each pass is attached to a customer.

My question, I made a payment link on Stripe to buy 5 passes at once, and I would like it to create 5 passes with this relationship to the customer each time.

Do you think it’s possible on Glide, I have a Zapier account too

Thank you very much for your return

Good day to you


So your passes are created in advance or not? Are they codes or something else?

Hello ThinhDinh

Thanks a lot for your help

To keep you informed, I managed to create the pass creation in the application with Airtable and Zapier.

I take this opportunity to ask you a little question:

1 / Can we put in a Maps view, a central point such as the address of a festival in color color and the other points (addresses) around this festival.

2 / My second question is that I want to create an app where people can’t connect, just visit the app, so I put my app in public and hide the app’s share button.

But when I put in page in my side menu, there is the possibility to connect, I don’t understand

Many thanks for your precious help.

Good day to you