Remove PRO requirement for 📊 Google Analytics integrations

Hey Guys, I just upgraded my account to Starter. However I just launched my app and starting to get traction, however I noticed I need Pro to use Google Analytics :sob:

As a product manager myself, this feels distasteful. Especially as you want early stage Glide Users to measure engagement to improve traction, engagement, which will eventually get them to Pro stage.

Can you please reconsider making Pro not a requirement for GA or at least allow usage on the Starter Plan. Most other NoCode platforms have this on the starter or free package :pray:

I was just about to request this myself. Nothing wrong when a SaaS platform wants to earn more when the customer does but you should give users a way to measure the success of a new app so they can decide to spend more time/money on this one or drop it and try something else. Without analytics, I have no idea if anybody is interested in what I published on glide

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I agree! Its why I went with a legacy Pro App!

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How do we get this going?