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Hello there!

I own a digital product agency that focuses on ideate and validate new digital businesses.
We are using glide for several projects (10 and counting) I can’t stress enough how amazing your product is. It allows us to experiment with ideas at a peace that few think is possible.

HUGE down, however, there is close to zero analytics in glide. This is a huge problem for us. No analytics, not understanding on how our product is used, what feature is liked most, what should be dropped etc.

Please implement some analytics. Successful digital products MUST be built with an iterative approach. Iterating without any data is like walking blind. Please prioritize this, I’m so shocked this feature request is not on top of the forum request…



Hey Ivan, that’s brilliant to hear.

Analytics are definitely on our roadmap. Can’t say when unfortunately. Thanks for your feedback.

This forum doesn’t rank feature requests, it only provides a space to discuss them. We have an official Wishlist which we’ll be publishing here soon. For now, you can post & upvote feature requests from within intercom. Just hit ‘message us’ in the bottom right help menu and then ‘submit a feature request’.


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