User Specific Columns for Passwords

Is this possible? It is currently in my head, I cannot really grasp it … but want some guidance before I proceed.

I am wondering if the User Specific Columns could be used somehow for an admin password to see parts (components) of the app.

I have an app where students sign in, but I would like to have one tab that only some can see.

Could I set a password for the components on that tab?
Then give out a password to certain users.
When they type in that password certain components ‘show up’ because of their own User Specific Column?
if (user specific column) matches (a password I set) then (component is visible)

I know that everyone could ‘see’ the tab but I could somehow restrict the components on that tab by a typed in password.

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Yes, you could do that. I’m working on a Farmers Market app where Vendors can “join” a market, but only if the have the “join code” provided by the market.


Oh… that’s awesome

That’s a great idea. I’m looking for something like that, too. Can you give me a solution?

Hi Spencer…since your users are already signing into the app, can’t you instead assign them a role in your users profile sheet? Only those with certain roles get access to certain components automatically? No password needed.

@Robert_Petitto - as usual you get me thinking about things I don’t know about. (That is what a good teacher does, right?

I was just thinking of a way to try this out on my walk this morning.

I may call on you for some help when I get into trying this out.

Sure thing!

This should get you started.