User sign up to activity

I have made my first simple app using Glideapps. I used one of the templates to base my app off of and learn.

It displays activities with info on those activities - where, when, organiser, etc

Is it possible to make it so a user can then sign up to the activity and this is registered on a sheet for us to view?

Somehow every week it’s reset or archived?

Tutorials or help on this would be greatly appreciated as I continue to build on my first app!


Not knowing what template you’re using, I’d say to add a sheet to your form that will accept user sign ups. Include as many columns as you need for user data. In your app, include a form button that will write to this sheet.

As for resetting, you could just manually delete the rows from this sheet every week.

I made a Form button so that every buyer who would buy a product then they had to fill out the form, but apparently it was inefficient, the buyer should only fill in once at Sign up, so that when they want to repurchase the product they don’t need to fill out the form again because automatic identity like Your name, address, email, and phone number can immediately appear on the purchase order form …, can it be made like that ???

Thanks so much. I have this working now however, It will simply write to my spreadsheet the Name - sign up checkbox and current date and time.

How do I make it so that it registers which activity the user has signed up to?

I have a well being app with activities offered to staff - You can press on an activity - say Yoga that takes you to the page you can see where/when etc and there is a sign up button.

This then takes you to a page where you can type your name - press on a sign up check box and it write this info to my spreadsheet to a tab where it writes the name, checkbox ticked and current date and time.

How can I make it so it knows what activity the user is registering for?


On the registration log sheet create a column called “Activity”. In the form button component list, add a “Column” components that references the activity. Write this value to the Activity column you just created.

If you wanted to reset (or delete) the signups, then you would probably need a script to handle that.
Otherwise I would probably add another column to the form submissions. Find a formula that takes the user selected registration date and finds the date of the last day of that week. Then your app can set a filter to only show records where the new calculated date column is greater than today. Once a new week starts, then anything with a calculated (last day of registered week) that has already passed, will no longer show. This will also preserve any past registrations, without displaying them, if you need a history record.