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There seems to be a significant delay from when an email is added to google sheets and glide pages being able to recognize the new email that was just added. Workflow is

  1. User signs up for app with a form
  2. Email is added to the google sheet via zapier
  3. User is unable to log in fo 2-3 minutes maybe more sometimes

How do I avoid this? I want the user to be able to sign up and be able to log in right aways. Why is the app not seeing the email in the sheet when I can physically see the correct email in the gsheet?

The GSheet has to sync with Glide, which can take a few minutes.

Is your app Personal, Pro, or Private?

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I am debating about putting the sign up form in the app and toggle on the sign in/sign up but I am in pretty deep the other way atm

Do you have it set to update automatically, or only on edits? Either way, there’s going to be a delay while waiting for Glide to sync up with the Sheet.

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is that on the google sheet side or in glide?

In the app settings in Glide. Under Data, there is an option to allow the app update while using the app, not just on edits.

Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 4.07.51 PM

I would recommend using the 2nd option. You may see an improvement!


sweet thx

You mentioned that your app is a Pro app. So presumably your privacy settings are Public with Email?
If that’s the case, then why do you even need this pre-registration step. It seems to be adding a layer of complexity that isn’t required. Why not just allow your users to login and sign up in a single step?

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I need to trigger automation immediately upon sign up - to my knowledge there is no way to trigger an automation upon sign up within glide pages?

This worked btw! Much quicker sync

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Sure there is. But looks like you already resolved your issue?

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I thought I did but the sync speed seems to be intermittent - I would be curious to hear how I can trigger automation after user sign up within the app :slight_smile:

Well, from one of your earlier screen shots I can see that your app is attached to a Google Spreadsheet.

In the spreadsheet, there should be an App: Logins sheet.

Every time a user signs into your app, a row is added to that sheet. So you could use that as a trigger for your automation. Important note is that a row is added for all logins, including existing users. So when a row is added, you’d first need to check if the login is from an existing user before triggering the process.

But all perfectly doable, either with a bit of Apps Script or an automation tool such as Integromat or Zapier.


Eh just tested with zapier google sheets - once the email got added to the google sheet it took 30-40 seconds to trigger the zap which is a bit too long - it would be sweet to trigger a webhook upon sign up

You could do that if you had some sort of onboarding screen for first time users. All you need is a button with an action

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