Glide Generated Sheet of User Activity Timestamp

I know Glide generates when a login happens, but can we also track user activity or at least the last datetimestamp of activity?

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I think it is very useful feature for certain type of apps.

I use a trigger in google sheets to catch EDIT and INSERT_ROW events. Then make an entry into my audit log sheet.


ForEntityType ForEntityID Timestamp ChangeType ByUserEmail Details
App: Logins mth***** February 29, 2020 Create m***** App: Logins - User signed in
Accounts dbb2b88b-a3c2-4a2f-9249-c0fbd8c36c9c March 4, 2020 Update m***** Accounts information updated
RSVP e95f1cdc-bf11-4cf3-955f-193a35d74783 March 4, 2020 Update m***** RSVP information updated

Hi @webmaster,

My previous posts below may also give you something less granular that the above, but also won’t use many if any extra rows.

Daily activity counting

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