Date Signed Up not being captured at sign up

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Describe the bug:
My app doesn’t capture the sign up date for users. It used to until end of 2020.

Expected Behaviour:
When a user signs up, it should automatically record the sign up date in the “Date Signed Up” column

How to replicate:
Sign up for the app. When you check the spreadsheet, the Date Signed Up field remains empty.

CleanShot 2022-07-20 at 21.41.12

What action is supposed to be populating the column? There isn’t a built in function to automatically record when a user signs in. You would either have to use a set column action triggered by the user doing something, or use a formula in a google sheet, such as a Vlookup to the App:Logins sheet to pull in the date, or duplicate the app:logins sheet to make it accessible in glide. How are you expecting the date to populate?


Oh, I could’ve swore it used to auto-populate.
I need the Date Signed Up to be recorded as soon as they sign up with email (from the native glide sign up page)
Is there a way to trigger this within Glide or does it need to be from the Google Sheet side with that Vlookup method?

OK, I see there’s the App:Logins tab in the google spreadsheet. It looks like that tracks every login, correct? So technically Glide did store the original login/sign up date, I just have to match the first instance to the User, correct?


Note that you will not see the App: Logins sheet in the Glide Data Editor, so you’ll need to do something in the Google Spreadsheet. You can either make a read-only copy of it (which will appear in the GDE), or use a VLOOKUP that matches on the Users email address.