User show/hide tabs on bottom

Is it possible for users to rearrange (show/hide) tabs on the bottom bar? For example, if there are 5 tabs available, then they can choose the 3 tabs they use the most? The rest are stored in a “see more” section or the hamburger menu?

You can try this, I haven’t tried it for myself.

  1. Create a user selections column (can be a number that represents tab number) in the user-profile sheet. This is seen as several kinds of authority, for example there are 3 selection of 5 tabs.
  2. Set the visibility on each tab number that is included in the selection number.
  3. Duplicate all tabs and place them in the hamburger menu with the opposite visibility setting from above (not included).

Thank you. How would the user select which tab icons to show? Maybe a page with a choice component, select multiple?

On the home page or sign in page (if any), make a choice with choice components to fill in the column of choice (multiple).

Ok, I’ll give this a try, thanks for the quick solution!

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Just be aware that if you go with this approach, any changes you make to a tab must be duplicated to their copies.

Yes. As @ThinhDinh, in this case, just remember to always duplicate the tab in point 3 when making changes. This method is a static method.

Another dynamic way is to give the user the opportunity to change it at any time of his choice. Of course, this method needs a place to place the choice component which is not affected by the user’s choice. For example, adding the settings tab in the hamburger menu.
This way it doesn’t need to be duplicated anymore, just show/hide the bottom menu.

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