Hide All Tabs But One


Is there a way to hide all tabs, but one to all users, with a click or switch? Pretty much set up something where I can “switch it on and off” between all tabs showing and only one tab showing.

I know one way is to move all the tabs I want to hide in the hidden tabs section, but I still need to work on them. Or not going one by one to set the visibility.


Tabs visibility is associated with users profile data and you can setup visibility conditions there.
Add a single-value column e.g. “Show_tab” pointing to one variable (may be in settings) , connect this settings field to a switch where admin can turn on (TRUE) or off (FALSE).

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Trying to stay away from activating my user profile again for format reasons.

Essentially I want to out up a maintenance tab when I’m working on the app hiding all other tabs, for all users.

Someone suggested changing the url of the app them swapping back once the work is done. Does anyone have any other suggestions?


Tab visibility, as Adel said, is strictly tied to user profiles data. There’s no other way you can hide them.

Yes, I’m asking about other methods, where the result is essentially the same. Kind of like the example I gave, but if there might be something I didn’t think of.