Under Maintenance Mode

I would like to have the option to set my app in maintenance mode, possibly by way of a checkbox under the tab settings, where only one tab shows (maintenance tab), while I work on the other tabs. Then I can switch it back to show the other tabs and hide the maintenance tab.

I have the pro version, so simply swapping the URLs won’t work.

Have a sheet with a single line to store a boolean value you can switch on or off, bring that over to your user profiles sheet by a single value column. Show maintenance tab when single value column is True and show other tabs when single value column is not True, více versa. Assuming you have a user profiles setup already because this is tab visibility.

Yea that’s the thing, I don’t have user profiles.

Currently tab visibility only supports user profiles, so that’s where we are.

Yes, that’s why I think having the option in settings will be better…it applies to anyone on the front end who uses the app.

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