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I have a master table with following contents. I have two types of users,

  1. Sales team who will have access their customers.
  2. Back office team who will update the project progress.

**Sales Team will update 7 columns **

  1. Customer Name
  2. Phone
  3. Assigned to mail id
  4. Service Requirements
  5. Next Follow-up date
  6. Order confirmed Date
  7. Delivery Date
    Project team will update
  8. Advance Payment received
  9. Measurements
  10. Drawing work progress

  11. 12 … So many other columns

From the list view I should be able to navigate to respective screens.
Please help me to implement this.


Shouldn’t you use the edit screen for users to update this?

You can have a list of items from your master table, then in the details screen of each item, allow editing to your sales team and back office team.

In the edit screen, show entry components based on the signed-in user’s “team”. Say signed-in user’s team is “Sales”, you only show entry components for customer name, phone, etc.

If signed-in user’s team is “Back office” then you only show entry components for advance payment received, measurements, etc.

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use the position in the user profile as needed and use the visibility settings in the component.

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