Default Landing Page & Access for different Users

Hi there,

I’ve created two screens: Screen A and Screen B:

In my user table, I have email address, name, and role. Roles are admin, manager, user.

I’d like to setup something, when any user logs in, it should show them their respective screen. User will need to see Screen B, whereas admin and manager will need to see screen A.

Thereafter, I want to implement something for the user role, so that they can only see their data - especially the user role, because admin and manager should see everything - show all data where empCode in BEN table and in EMP table equals their empCode.

In the Users table, I also added their empCode, with relation and lookup.

Something I find confusing: If I edit Screen B where I drill down into a specific row Fields, and change the Fields I want to see, the same change will happen on Screen A. I was under the impression if I edit a specific screen, it will only apply to that specific screen and not other screens that use the same data.

In the Layout Editor, set visibility conditions at the tab level.

In the Data Editor, in tables where you wish to secure data by role, create a basic text column that houses the roles you’ve defined in your Users table, and set that column to Make Row Owner.


Details Screens are bound to tables, which means if you view the same details screen for the same table/row in two different parts of your App, the layout will be the same.

To get a different details screen for the same table/row, you must use a Show New Screen action. This new screen will then be bound to the action, rather than the table/row.


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