How do I give an admin access to certain userspecific info?rmation

I have an app where an admin needs to be able to change users hourly rates.
I have Role column in my user where a certain user is set to Admin.
Then i have a menu screen where I have an inline list of all the users in the database.
There’s an action on the inline list to show an edit screen for the item.

However it seems its opening the same screen as if the user would change it’s own profile settings, like name, profile pic, email etc.

How do I do so the admin only get access to something very specific without having access to other user details?

You can use the visibility conditions for the components of that screen and thus show only what you need to see

Glide Docs • Visibility Conditions (

point of view:

For more security you should use row owners in the users email column and a new email column also with row owners, containing the administrator email and apply the aforementioned filter.

Glide Docs • Visibility Conditions (


Or, since they are using roles, have a new column with ‘Admin’ placed in every row in that column in the table, and apply Row owners to that column. That way you don’t need a column for every admin if there is more than one.


Ohhh yes, was not thinking. Thank you

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