User Level Edit Issue

Hi, all. I had my app shut down for about a year due to COVID. I just reopened it and joined the pro level private access plan.

Surprisingly all the functionality I had before is still there, but there are many new things I need to get up to speed on. I am trying to do user level visibility and edit. It doesn’t appear to be working correctly.

Here is my current issue. I have a projects tab. Inside there are individual projects. When I click on a project and select edit form, I have it set to allow users to edit if they are the signed in user or an admin. No matter who logs in, it only shows one field that it is allowing to be edited. I cannot for the life of me figure out why this is. Any advice/help/guidance would be greatly appreciated.

I’m wondering if it is something from my old setup causing the issue.

You are saying that the edit screen only shows one component to edit? You can add any entry components that may be missing.

How? I have tried everything I see to do. It didn’t used to be this hard to use or set up.

The bottom left panel in the builder is where you add or select components to edit on the screen.

Like this? Delivery date is all that shows up at all. That was the original thing that showed up. There are at least 20 items that I should be allowed to edit on this particular screen.

Here is another screenshot.

You only have one editable component. You are also including column value or screen value components that only pass the value from the previous screen through the form. Column/Screen value components aren’t meant to be edited, so no they will not show a component on the screen.

If you want an editable component, then select one of the entry components, such as Text or Number.

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Ok, well, these components were editable before so I’m not sure how to make them such now. Can you advise? Like I said, it’s been a year since I’ve messed with it or even used it. I’m also having some issues with user level visibility that used to work and now doesn’t (it was a workaround someone here helped me with), but I’ll ask that question at another time.

Yes, just add entry components. Don’t add Screen components.

I guess I don’t know the difference between them. The delivery date that is showing there is setup the exact same way as most of the items I’m needing to edit. That’s why I don’t see what’s different between them. I apologize if I sound stupid, but when I originally set this up, they all worked.

Use any of these if you want an editable component.

So I basically have to reset all of them. :frowning: Thank you.

Would you have any advise as to my user level issue? Last year it was a workaround someone gave me to show only rows that a specific vendor input to that vendor. So my sales reps cannot see details of other sales reps’ work. That doesn’t appear to be working now. I need row level filtering on that and trying to remember how to do all that is tough.

I would suggest Row Owners (more secure but not accessible to other users) or filter your screen/list (less secure, but data is still accessible to other users).

Videos and screenshots may still be showing the old builder, but the concept is still the same.

Thank you. I will probably work on that a different day and will probably have questions. I really appreciate your help.

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Working on this today. Feeling frustrated. Can you help? I have watched the videos/read tutorials.

I have a Users tab, Columns = User Name, Email 1, User Image, User Phone, Role
I have a Projects tab, Columns are numerous, but the person inputting the project is the person who’s email = Email 1 in the Users tab.

I am trying to give access to the projects to Email 1 and to all admin users.

How do I do this? I want everything to connect to the Users tab to get the information so that is the only place I mess with users. I have tried several things, but nothing is working as I expect. Please guide? Once I have this issue solved, I’m ready to roll.

Thanks so much!

I believe it’s: “Show the project when Project’s email owner is signed-in user or Signed-in user’s Role is Admin”.

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