User Interface for a web-app (Dashboard)

Hi Glide community :wave:

I’m new on Glide and I need your opinion/feedback.

I know that the Glide’s features will allow me to build and implement the functions that I want but I’m not sure that I’ll be free with the User Interface.

I’m building a web-app (Dashboard) and I would like to place elements (Tex, Dynamic elements, Cards…) in a very specific way. :point_down:

Do you guys know if it’s something possible?
As far that I tried, I couldn’t make it.

Thanks for your help! :v:

Hi Firn!

Glide’s website feature is still fairly new and in BETA, but no, currently you can’t create that specific layout. You could get close, but the dynamic side bar on the right side isn’t currently possible. Otherwise, you can change Navigation to a left side bar and use a Collection & Glide Table to display your dynamic text blocks.

In general, Glide prioritizes empowering users to create functional apps easily rather than realizing a specific UI/UX design. However, there are those in the community that can achieve impressive results using CSS hacks.


Just to be clear on the CSS part, I found out that currently we can’t do CSS with Glide Pages the same way we can do for Glide Apps.

Indeed, and honestly speaking I don’t understand the reason for that, unless this is for just a short period of time in which they were expecting to pass from beta to gamma!