User email listed in "Users" table cannot access the published App

Good day everyone.

I have a problem with the access to published app. Why the listed email in the “Users” table cannot access the app? The email is working anyway.

I already write the email address in the table.

I also try another email address, write it on the table, try to log in, and it results the same respond.

The privacy setting is also already met my requirement.

Fyi, I do the same things in my other Glide App, and did the same way to create access for other users, and it works. Why the same way cannot works in this app?

You have a Maker Plan, which only allows users with Personal Email Addresses.

Most likely, the email address that you are testing with doesn’t qualify as Personal. You can check that using the below validation tool.

I see. I tried with personal email and it works. Thanks for your answer, Darren!

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