Registered users cannot access the app

I have a published app with 10 users registered in the Users table (including me). The Users table has Name, Email, Image and Role columns. When people access the app through the link ( and type their e-mail (which is already registered in the Users table), instead of getting a pin they’re told their e-mail has no access to the app. In an attempt to fix that, I changed the settings to allow requesting access and now I keep getting e-mails and keep authorizing access to the same users who are already registered in the users tab. When I do so, a notification always appears saying that the user was added to the Users table, but I go there to check and nothing changed (since the user was already there anyway) and people still can’t access the app.

The only way I found to provide access to people was by sending them a magic link through which they’re able to access the app in their default web browser, which also means that the desktop app installed through Chrome doesn’t work since they cannot login from that. Still, when they access the app and use it, red “Error” notifications keep popping up, although the app seems to work fine to them with no errors at all. I presume it is popping up when they use an action that writes to an user specific column.

What is most weird to me is that my own e-mail works flawlessly. I can access the app through anywhere by typing the pins I get in my email, including the desktop app I installed through Chrome, and I never get red “Error” notifications when I use the app despite what I’m doing. I’m currently on the Free plan, so I wonder if that may be related to this issue.

Below are some images of how my app is set up:

Here is the notification that always appears when I grant access through the request they send (they still get no access and nothing changes in the Users table).

Which plan do you have?

Based on your description, my suspicion is that you have a Maker plan, which only allows personal users.

I’m still on the Free plan. I didn’t realize there was this difference between personal and private users, that must be it. Thank you!

It’s not so much personal vs private, but rather personal vs business.

Your App can still be private, but only users with personal emails will be able to access it.

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