User email capture in Google Sheets stopped at line 1000

User email address capture in Google Sheets stopped at line 1000.

I have a PRO account so this shouldn’t be a limitation.

How to fix?

Please help fast…I have an app promo coming out tomorrow! Terrible timing.

Thanks in advance!

*New users can still enter their email addresses and access the app. No problems there. Just the emails don’t populate into the spreadsheet!

That’s a bit odd. Are there any empty rows after row 1000, or does the spreadsheet end there?

At first the spreadsheet ended there. Upon seeing that I added another 1000 rows but that was several days now and still nothing has populated. Refreshing did nothing. Any ideas?

Might be obvious, but have you checked with a completely new email? If yes, that does not produce a new line?

Adding extra rows isn’t necessary, new rows are added automatically as they are needed.
I was asking because sometimes you might find large numbers of empty rows in a Google Sheet and new rows are being added way down at the bottom. That often happens when you have arrayformulas that aren’t set up correctly.

Just to be clear - the sheet in question is the one that’s used for your User Profiles, yes? (not App: Logins)

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