Umm... what is going on with =UNIQUE?

Can anyone help me figure out what in the world is going on here? I’ve had a User sheet populating new users for months based on the App: Logins sheet. Since this app started from the Finstagram template, it’s the exact code from that. =UNIQUE is in the first row of data in column B and it’s drawing the array of unique values from App:Logins… so every time I get a new user, I get a new row of data in this User sheet. Except for the past day and a half, I’ve been getting two of the same values when a new email is added to App: Logins. One comes in next in line as you would expect from UNIQUE, the next one comes in on the last line of the sheet. Sometimes the second one appears first, but usually the first one appears then the next.

Is this a Sheets bug? Is there something perhaps messing with this column? Any ideas?

What’s interesting is that the email address that comes in at the bottom of the sheet arrived with a new added row. That’s why there’s a space between the two. And the reason that’s weird is that UNIQUE typically doesn’t just add in one new line at the bottom of your sheet if it doesn’t have room, it actually adds 500 new blank rows and adds the new email address to the first of those new rows. The behavior of just one row being added with a new piece of data is not anything I can duplicate. All array formulas expand past the last row in a sheet by adding tons of new blank rows. The only example I have where a new row of data is added to my spreadsheet and it only adds one row, even if there are no blank rows to write to, is form data from Glide or new Logins added to the App: Logins page… also data being written from Glide.

Is it possible that one of the screens in my app attached to the usersheet is sending the email of the newly signed-in user to the usersheet as form data, thus creating a new row of data at the bottom of that sheet? @Robert_Petitto? @Jeff_Hager? You guys ever see behavior like this?

Could this be Glide @Mark? This just started happening. I really hope this isn’t being discussed elsewhere.

Check this post: Login events are wrongly recorded in a sheet

I was literally just about to write “Is the new User Profiles adding a new row of data to the sheet I have listed for that??”

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I’m assuming this isn’t so much a bug as a quirk in the fact that people aren’t being made aware that User Profiles does this and Glide devs are trying to fix it so that you can turn it off or that it’s not on by default? Is that right?

It’s a good feature to have, and I just adjusted my scripts to accommodate… I like it, cause it actually lightens the amount of work my scripts were previously doing for new users… but now with every new sign-in, my usersheet is updating with two rows of data: first a row comes in with the email address in the column designated in User Profiles, and then a second or two later another blank row of data appears under it. Does that mean for every new user that comes in this sheet adds two rows? @Mark is it supposed to behave like that? I have my userIDs auto-generating in that sheet so those blank rows mess up the continuation of userIDs.

@John_Cabrera If you unset the User Profile sheet this shouldn’t happen anymore.

Ideally, though, you’d retire the old UNIQUE way of adding rows to that sheet in favor of User Profile. User Profiles will soon add more features you won’t want to miss.


So cryptic…

…LOVE it!

I’ve retired it, yes, and it’s a way better solution for me and lightens some of my scripting… but I am hitting a really frustrating wall right now that I can’t figure out… I don’t know if it’s a quirk on my end or yours… but about 75% of the time, a new sign-in adds not just one new row of data to the user sheet, but two new rows … the first is the new row with the user’s email address from User Profile… and then a moment later after the app has loaded, I get another blank row right under it. That blank row is scrambling things in my app, since I have my UserIDs auto generating, and blank lines add gaps in the numbering.

I’ve gone through my script with a fine tooth comb and I can’t find any reason that extra line is coming in other than Glide is sending another bit of blank data… perhaps based on the other two fields in User Profile (photo and name)??? Also as I mentioned, when I add a new row from scripts or otherwise, it doesn’t add just one blank row at the bottom, but but expands the sheet by 500 new blank rows. The only time one row of data adds is when it’s coming from Glide… which is why I suspect that’s what’s going on.

I tried to write a script to delete that blank row but it’s really really hacky and actually might delete a legit row of data if the script is running slow. Any chance you can give some insight on this?

That’s odd. I can’t think of anything in Glide that would make it add an empty row, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

sigh I was worried you’d say that. Gonna have to unhook it from that sheet and return to what I had before with UNIQUE until either others have experienced this or enough time has passed that I know it’s something on my end. Bummer, cause I really loved the ability for people to change their profile photo from there. :frowning:

I’d like only to use a User Profile sheet but not keeping using the UNIQUE way :frowning:
Suggestions or updates?

What’s stopping you?

@Mark I like to use images to create a nice layout to users complete the register (name, phone, etc) but we do it with when we tell the name is empty. Ok.

What I do. I create a Database sheet, where I put my complete register screen image link. I use Single Value on Data to do an Array.

So… How can I use signed-in user and this feature if glide won’t find my email there?

That’s why I don’t stop using UNIQUE (by now).


Welcome Screen

Register Screen


I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Glide won’t find your email where?

In my Users Profile sheet if I don’t use Unique lol

I think there is a confusion in names here. You are talking about the User Profile feature, and I believe @Lucas_Pires is talking about his own User Profile sheet in his spreadsheet.

Yeah. Just comment that i wouldn’t like to use the =UNIQUE cuz sometimes it bugs depends on the number of logins.

Anyway, for me that’s the better way today.

@Lucas_Pires there is another way to do it without UNIQUE. It’s very new. I am having problems with it, but I think it might be my own scripts that are messing it up. Most people are getting it to work well.

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@Lucas_Pires you are aware of the new user profile feature in glide right? Just double checking because reading through the thread I wasn’t clear if you are or not. It completely replaces the need for unique or a script. I haven’t played with it yet, but @John_Cabrera appears to be having some issues with it.

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@Jeff_Hager I’ve already read about it.
But in the video @Robert_Petitto do, and that I’ve realized here, we have to select a sheet to call “User Profile”, where the informations gonna be.

And to do this way I do with images, I can’t without =UNIQUE

You can call the sheet whatever you’d like, but yes, you’ll need to specify the sheet where user data will be stored when users sign in.