User can’t access app; getting “”Continue” screen

App link:

Chrome on desktop, Safari on phone.

I can still access the app, but it requires copying the link and pasting in new browser tab.

Do you recall seeing this warning when you set your app’s accent color to white?

No. It’s been working fine til today.

I can sign in by guessing where the entry fields are. It’s a lot of white on white. The rest of the app looks fine.

Your app is using a white accent color. We warn you that it can make parts of your app hard to see. That’s precisely what is happening here, and it will be fine if you change the accent color from white.

We recently made changes to the login screen that made it worse in your case, but regardless, do not use white.

I am using the Pure White theme. When I change the accent color when using this theme, I can’t see any noticeable difference in the app. What does the accent color do when using the Pure White theme? If it just affects the log-in PIN screen, is there a way to preview that so I can choose a better color?

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Another browser tab in incognito, or try to do the sign in on the hamburger menu.

I’ve changed the accent to a darker color and filled my tile image to be white. How do I prevent the darker accent color from showing through around my tile? I’ve tried using rounded corners, but there’s always something showing through. It’s now dawned on me that I’ve been using a white accent color with the Pure White theme in my apps for precisely this reason. I couldn’t figure out any other way to keep the accent color from peeking from behind the tile.

If your icon is a square, you won’t see the background color. Your icon is slightly taller than it is wide. This is why it says “square images work best” where you set your icon.

We also have more settings coming for the login screen very soon, so you should have more options in terms of colors and backgrounds.

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Got it. Looks like I got caught by a known bug in MS products. When saving a composite image as a single image, it often adds random borders around the original image. It’s been known for a decade, but I haven’t been able to find a solution other than editing the resulting image and re-saving it.