White sign in screen on Public App

My app’s URL: https://hypebutler.glideapp.io/

My app shows a white screen when someone tries to add an item to favorites or access the favorites.

Please check the video below.

What are the top two components on your details screen? It seems that your Favorites component is underneath the second component. Take a screenshot in the builder of those two components.

I think it’s a sign in screen problem. I noticed the same issue when trying to add a message to the chat

Double check your your accent color. Are you using white on white?

No it’s set to black. I noticed that “Continue” button at the bottom of the screen changes according to the accent color but not the rest.

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No one can help please ?

I had a similar issue – I think it has something to do with the styles set for the login screen. I had the dark screen with white accent color. Login screen works, but chat screen shows up as white with white content. I think some screens aren’t correctly reading the dark styles.

I had the same issue as well. It always happened using “Pure light” theme and enabling “Match device’s theme”.

If I set white labels over dark background on “Sign-in” tab (settings) it worked well during the day, but as soon as my iPhone 11 Pro changed its behavior from light to dark the login form become unreadable.

If I set dark labels over white background on “Sign-in” tab (settings) the behavior was just the opposite (OK during the night, unreadable during the day).

That’s why I’m not using anymore “Pure light” theme.

It seems like the problem is solved on my side…
Can someone from the Glide Team tell us if they did something on their side to solve this issue ?