App won't work

I was able to use the app a couple of months ago and now I am just getting a white screen with the word “Continue” on the bottom. When I tap it, nothing happens.

Sounds like your color theme or background image on the sign in screen is coming up as white. There is most likely white text saying Welcome, and the email entry is white. All you see is the Continue button, which is not white. I would check any customized images you have on the sign in screen, or check the color theme of your app. What you are seeing is the sign in screen, which is working, but you need to sign in to the app. If you tap somewhere in the middle of the screen, you should be able to get the keyboard to pop up so you can enter your email. Then you will have to do the same to enter the pin. That will get you in the app, but I would still check your color settings.