Request Access Screen message is invisible - font color matches background

Team ID:

  • In the Glide dashoard URL, e.g.

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  • In the Glide builder URL, e.g.


  • When a user is not in the user table and request access via sign-in screen, the message font color matches the background color and the user is not able to see what is written.

How to replicate

  • Try to sign-in in the app with a non real e-mail

Please submit a ticket. Thank you!

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@Werther - I’ve let the team know. Thanks for flagging!

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I have the same issue since this weekend.
It appends only with the description option in the items data of the card design when I use a container with the accent background .

@NoCodeAndy Can you check if the comment above is the same problem?

We recently pushed a fix to address contrast/styling issues.

@Korbib @Werther - Are you still having this problem in your apps?


Yes it’s still there :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Color font issue with accent and image option in container

It solved for me, Andy!


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