Blank white page on sign in

it’s been few days that I click on both the links “sign in” or “get started” and only a white page appears. I also changed connection network and cleared the whole cache but nothing changed


This is because your accent color is White, so some of your elements are White on White.

This is why we show this warning when you pick White:

well thanks but my accent is actually green.
I think it’s an issue with firefox 73.0.1, because chrome works. Firefox does not show the main login window anymore. It’s been working since yesterday though…
Now I have another question. Can I simply add an image as a detail to a LIST page? I’d like the image to be shown between title and the first item of the list

You will need a new placeholder sheet with one column heading for Image. Place the image url in the first row after the heading. This new sheet will become your tab. Change the view of that tab to the Detail Style layout. Add an image component for your image and an inline list component for your list.

It works! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Hi @david
I have the same issue as @Massimo_Macchi but it occurs when i tap to see the Favorites tab. My accent color is black and my theme set at Pure Black.
Would really appreciate some help, thanks!