Use choice component with variables

Hello, I have a doubt, is it possible to use variables in Glide?. I need to do something like this:

I Don’t want to use a log in so I don’t have the user’s email, My choice component is loaded from a sheet with two values. my Tab is a Details Tab and I have two inline list (for 2 maps) and I show or hide the inline list deppending on the choice component value.

My problem is that this can’t be used by two users at a time because the choice component keeps changing everytime a user changes the value, So I want to make my choice component with variables or something like that.

Is it possible? or what can I do? I Don’t want to use user log in to do this

Thank you @Jeff_Hager I’ve already looked both solutions but both ways need to use Sign in public with email. In my case I don’t want to do my app with Sign in

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Well that’s good to know!

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@Jeff_Hager you are a Genious! Thank you! It worked!

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