Urgent: Data isn't actually saving on form submission!

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Describe the bug:
I have a form in my app. When this form is filled out and submitted, it triggers a webhook which notifies me of a form submission. The data, however, was not saved this morning to my google sheet or visible when using the app from any other devices. Now I have a deal of missing data that needs to be recovered, and hopefully still can be.

Expected Behaviour:
Client submits the permit request form by submitting required permit information, then an action is triggered which notifies me (via webhook, etc) that the form was submitted (permit was requested). I then go onto my app on my end and continue the workflow from my end, which includes filling out permit applications for our municipality & keeping track of each job/permit. All the information, however, comes straight from the 1st (broken) form.

How to replicate:
I tested the issue this morning after seeing missing data by creating a “test” job on my own device. I was able to verify that it did not make it onto the spreadsheet, and the new job did not show up in the glide builder (it initially appears, however, that the data was added successfully when looking immediately after adding it–the permit requests show up in the list. However, after closing and re-opening the app on my phone, the data disappears completely because it was never truly added.

It should be noted that my webhook notification still works, and I can see some partial data for each job (the contents of my Twilio sms notification include some of the data from each job/permit request. This is how I know that anything was even submitted. Otherwise, the missing/unsaved data would likely remain unknown for some time before it was discovered.

I should also note, that this has been working very well for quite awhile, but only this morning did we start having the issue. However, we haven’t submitted any new forms for about 5 days before this so it’s not tested all the time. The problem is that I lost 6 permit requests from my customer, along with the associated information this morning!

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If you have not yet, please submit a support ticket so we can investigate.


Thanks @Darren_Murphy for flagging.

I submitted a support ticked awhile ago. Let me know if you need any more information.

hi, just wondering if this was already fixed? We’re having the same issues