Upload image not synchronized to Google Sheet

Hi Gliders,

I uploaded some images, but not synchronized to google file, including user’s image. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Can you reproduce the behaviour in a video?

I created and also submitted a loom video to support team, but I need to create another one with replay. and, I’m still learning how to record with replay :smiley:

It looks like you’re having a lot of sheets in your database. How many rows do you have? Does it sync eventually or does it not sync at all?

Regarding Replay, let us know if you find any difficulties in recording.

Row usage is just 58 of 25000. Actually, I’m still on the development process.

I just clicked & download the link from @SantiagoPerez, but launch button doesn’t work yet. Let me learn Replay first.

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I’ve downloaded replay & click launch button. But, it displays this notification and no dialog box from the browser:

Anyway, support link is not enough for the engineers to review & fix such a problem? Right now, I can’t edit/upload anything to my app :frowning:

I can synchronize from google sheet to glide, but not from glide to google sheet. Any suggestions? @ThinhDinh @SantiagoPerez ?

Does it not open up a browser like this? What OS are you on?

windows11 pro

This is my replay display.