Updating original Row on Form Submit

I have an app that allows students to upload videos of tasks for assessment.

This is done through a Form with File Picker for the video files, as well as fields for Task, and special values forStudent Email, Date submitted

Once the student uploads the video its STATUS = Submitted

The assessor can view any video with a STATUS = Submitted

The assessor then marks the video PASS or RE-Submit, also providing feedback in Notes

My challenge comes when the Status is set to Re-Submit

If I use a Form to action the Re-Submit on Submit Form it creates a New Row with the New details in it, However I need to update the status of the Original Row to “ReSubmitted” so it no longer gets processed.

I am struggling to be able to update this after a submit form as I can’t track the Original Row Number.

If I update the STATUS before submitting the Form then the STATUS will be incorrect if they cancel the form and don’t submit the video.

Is there a way I can use the New Compound Actions to do this
Or maybe via Zapier ?

Any help/ideas would be very welcome

Thanks Rob

You should be able to do it with the compound actions.

If you need to keep the original video, create a new column to hold the resubmitted video.

Create a button that links to “this item”, show the file picker pointing to the resubmit video column.

Once that column is not empty, show a “Send” button that has the below actions:

  • Go back
  • Set Status to Resubmitted
  • Show notification/Play sound if needed

The process should be the same if you want to overwrite the original video. Before the link to screen part, use a set column to clear the original video link.

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Thankyou I’ll give it a try and let you know how I get on if that’s OK?


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Yes, I’d love to hear how this goes.

Just to let you know I have now got this working successfully, based upon your advice.
My new approach is this;

Created a button that links to “this item(Technique)”, this open the row to resubmit

now show the three file pickers pointing to the resubmit-base, resubmit-science, resubmit-variants columns.

Once those columns are not empty,

Display a “Submit” button that has the below actions:

  • Check if Technique is Not Empty
  • Go back
  • Set Column in this Row STATUS=RESUBMITTED
  • Add New Row for the newly submitted Technique, sets UsersEmail, Submit Date, the new videos using the values from Previous record for the new videos.
  • Show notification that Technique has been submitted successfully
  • Go back to the Technique Assessment Status screen
    The New row triggers a Zap to upload the videos to Viemo (so as to get around teh 10GB Glide storage limits)

Many Thanks for your advice and help, much appreciated.

Thanks Again


Great to hear! Have a nice day.

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You too
Thanks again

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