Resubmit data to a row

Evening all, I am on my 3rd app at the moment and the most complicated one I have attempted so far. I have run into a problem I cannot solve myself, through these forums or anywhere (unless I am missing something obvious). Just want to say a big thank you to the great community on here as the questions and answers have got me out of various binds (esp. Jeff!).

I am creating a logbook app where students are set tasks, they submit evidence and then assessors sign off the task, or ask for more evidence.

My problem comes when students need to resubmit data to their log. I am able to have a way for them to update all fields except for the date. What I would like is a resubmit button which sets the date to the current date, and possibly removes data from another field (this is less essential as I can probably find a way around this), through the actions it could also go back to a different tab.

Is there any option, or am I awaiting a new feature?

I think I may have just found the answer.

I am hoping that the Set Columns action does what I think it does. With one click of a button with set columns I think I am right in saying that I can update the information in that row so…

…Date can be updated to the current date/time

…A boolean value can be switched

Either that or I am going to make a mess of my data, very quickly :slight_smile:

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You can also enable them to edit the submission via the pencil button.

The edit page didn’t work there as the resubmission page is a little different to the original submit page, but that has worked on another page that was posing a slightly different problem, so thank you for the prompt (I have used this in both my previous apps, but had a complete mental block on using it this time).

As it turned out the Set Columns action was awesome and allowed me to do some extra stuff that I didn’t think possible originally.

Got a new problem now, so onto the next challenge!

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Do let us know if you need more help :wink: