ROW = This Item


I row that manages a “support ticket”, open, assigned to, updated, completed. Once completed I do a customer survey, and has questions 1…5

The survey button appears once the completed field has a time stamp in it to signify that the job is complete. The survey button at the moment has an action “Show Form Screen” where I have the 5 questions (ratings).

The problem I am having is that when I submit the survey form, it is adding a new row to my sheet and not inserting it into the row of the case.

The yellow is where the new line is being created but I want it in the red (first row).

Thanks for any assistance.


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A form screen is designed to always add a new row. That’s it’s purpose.

If you want to edit an existing row, then I suggest calling the Edit action instead of a Form action. Or as an alternative that I would probably use…call the Show New Screen → This Item action and add entry components on the details screen. This will update the values without having to press a button to submit.


Thanks Jeff, appreciate it.

I will go with the New Screen. I didn’t want to submit the form/fields until the full survey form was completed, that way I can also flag a “survey completed” and hide the survey button, but I guess I can do the same thing but my visibility condition will need to check ALL the survey questions and not just the single flag.

You could still consider the Edit action as an option, but if you want to go with the New Screen instead, then take a look at this thread. This is to create a custom form, which uses user specific columns as temporary placeholders for data before you submit. In your case, you would ‘Set Columns’ instead of ‘Add Row’.


Thanks, I’ll take a look.

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Just a warning, if you want to mimic an edit screen with the ability to revert (cancel) changes then use user-specific columns and set column from those USCs to global columns when you “save” the changes.

Else if you’re ok with the changes syncing directly then just go with the columns you already have.