🆕 Updates to the Glide + Make integration

Im using it right now to edit a row… it works great!

Is this available for maker plan?

The preview isn’t working for me - I’ve tried it a few times. Make says it cannot find the API key (although I paste till the right one).

We’ll have more to share on that soon. :wink:

Sending you a DM @Evgeny1

Closing the loop on this for posterity:

The updated Make integration preview requires an API key, and your API key wasn’t working because you’re on a Legacy Starter plan. This should be resolved in the next couple weeks. :slight_smile:


I’m struggling with the make.com connection. I finally found that you need to enable this at account level for it to appear under integrations. It also looks like I should use “Glide (invited)” which uses API key rather than “Glide” , which users u/p in make. Ive copied the api key the glide integration into make. However this returns the following every time:

API key not found, or duplicate ((redaced API key)) [Collection]

I’ve tried a few things. removing/re-enabling. tripled checked API key etc but get the same error. The Glide help page for this appears to 404.

Anyone encountered this and know the likely issue ?

What plan are you on at the moment?

I’m on team plan

Can you submit a ticket? Thank you.

I’m on legacy business plan and get the same error.

This uses an API key generated by the integration, not the Glide API key.

I’m using the API key from here and getting this error:

Is this not the right one>?


The Make integration is live and ready to rock!

See our announcement post for details: