🆕 Updates to the Glide + Make integration

Yes, I understand the plan part. I just tried it. I got all rows and there is no way to filter data based on a condition. In the ‘Search’ Make integration module there is no option of setting up the search criteria. It gets all the rows. We can then work inside make to filter the data. This module just makes it a bit easier but essentially the functionality remains the same. Is there another way to do this ?

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The update is not instant, that is why.

Maybe when they provide the new release, not sure when, But otherwise no. Without using a filter for rows going forward I know of no other way to ‘search’ within rows.

Either using filters or a map function (if you need only specific values like a lookup).

A more advanced way is using SQL queries, but only for Big Tables.

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You can do filtered queries with Big Tables. With regular Glide Tables, it’s not possible.

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Can Maker plan still use Make.com integration? or limited make.com features only? I can see that I can enable the integration.

You don’t have access to use the Glide API, so no.

The new Make and Zapier integrations will work with the Maker plan. Stay tuned!


Big news woohoo.

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Please do testing to make sure the old integrations on the make.com platform will continue to function on the new roll out to avoid alot of rework and a smooth transition :smiley:

The old versions will not work with the Maker plan.

Thats ok, but my current integrations will continue to function as is? I have business legacy, and have many integrations configured in the make.com platform, some with http api requests, and other with the glide invited module.

I would expect those to continue working with your plan.


Hot off the offsite? :slight_smile:

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These sort of integrations have been above my pay grade in what I perceived would be the complexity to implement but Make mentions have snowballed. This video in Tik Tok really peeked my interest (who remembers peek and poke from ZX days?!). Is this the sort of thing that could be built with Glide?

My use case would be to automate the search and aggregation of news on a specific subject as a sort of self serve news desk.

You could absolutely build something like that with Glide and Make.
Doing it without Make would be a challenge, but I can foresee a time not too far away when it would also be possible.


I run a “Get Row” then put a data store behind it which tells me which rows met my filter requirement, then I “edit row” whatever rows passed the filter who’s key matched my preseding query. Working great! The “get row” I believe uses one update, the subsequent edit uses one per row, so it does get data intensive, but I don’t know of any other workaround yet…



I haven’t used the new module, but that sounds like the right way to do it. Even if you go the hard way by constructing a batch call with a HTTP module, you save the Make operations count, not the Glide updates count.


since I’ve been introduce to the world of zapier, integrately, make.com or otherwise IFTTT a few years ago, my mind has been blown with the things I am now able to do in a no/low code environment.


What would be amazing? Perform a glide action from an integration on make.com