Updates to Glide’s new plans and pricing

Row limits are per App.

User limits are per Team, but most plans allow for purchasing exta users.

If you’re expecting more than 25,000 users, that suggests that you’re intending to build a consumer App. This is not what Glide is intended for. Glide is a good choice for prototyping such an App, but if you want to put something like that into production you should choose another tool/platform.


Hi @NoCodeAndy, looking forward to any updates to these plans :smiley:


I absolutely love Glide. It’s probably the best no code tool to exist. It has really helped my business operations. But the pricing makes no sense.

I understand the company’s main objective is for internal business tools but A LOT of people have found ways to use it beyond just as an internal tool. The personal users plans vs 25 users plans just makes no sense. Jet Admins has a better pricing structure.

I strongly believe Glide needs to be more open minded and rethink its pricing + add features that makes its target market much much bigger. Features like stripe integration, payment options etc can make Glide so much more appealing.

I have ideas to cater to a large number of users but I’m stuck because I want both professional email addresses and personal email addresses to use my app (which maker plan won’t allow and other plans have 25 user limit and then it gets too expensive)

I hope Glide rethinks their strategy. Keep making this platform awesome.


Glide is fantastic!
I built 2 apps with Glide, of course with help from this community.
I have 3 more ideas for apps.
With new plans you moved Airtable from 25 USD/month (old Starter plan) to 125 USD/month (new Team plan)
Why don’t you allow non-tech founders/developers/freelancers to have backup database, for a normal price?
In my country (Croatia, Europe) average monthly wage is 1.000 USD, so 125 USD/month is a lot.
Non of my clients will ever pay me more than 150 USD monthly per app.
Expert program is in theory good idea, but none of my clients will never grow to the scale that I will benefit from their growth.

I really hope that you rethink plans and pricing.
Seriously searching for a new platform…


I’m just speculating here, but it’s my assumption that Airtable is much more costly to Glide to integrate and maintain compared to Glide Tables or Google Sheets. Whether that’s Airtable fees, developer time, or both…I don’t know. As far as I know, these integrations cost Glide money, and Glide has to pay USD prices to integrate with third party services. Maybe Glide wasn’t making much profit on lower prices plans that used Airtable. :man_shrugging:

I think you are probably right Jeff. I have also found that because Airtable and the data editor in Glide have some differences that might not be intuitive to people coming from Airtable, it would also create a lot of support tickets.

I think instead of using Airtable as a source, a better option would have been using Glide Tables and then using a tool like Whalesync/Make.com to set up your own data sync between Glide and Airtable.

This requires some improvements to the API but I think the hassle would be worth it as performance would be better and you could even scale into using Big Tables over time.