New Maker Plan

On the new maker plan, you are given 1 published app.
What does it cost if you want to publish another app?

You would need to purchase another Maker plan on a separate team.

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This is not affordable for the little guy.

:rofl: :rofl:
In Brazil, it became unfeasible with the exchange rate at 5x. It’s not possible to pass on the costs and remain competitive in the freelancing market for small businesses. Thank you, Glide, bye!"

You may want to look at the Team plan if you’d like multiple published apps.

The team plan would be great but over 20 users is not good.

User count is definitely the kicker when moving to the Team or Business plans. The one thing to remember with Glide pricing is that a user is only counted if they are active. You do not need to buy a “seat” for every potential user, you only pay for users who actually sign in during a monthly period. If you know for a fact that your app will have many active users, it may be more cost-effective to use the Maker plan and have multiple instances of it if you have multiple apps. However, if your app is rarely used by more than 20 users in a monthly period, the Team plan is priced well, in my opinion.

I have the pro plan now but I do not know when that plan will be dropped.
If I have to go to the Maker plan, can I use my same email for multiple maker accounts?

To my knowledge, you will be able to continue using your Pro plan for the foreseeable future.

Yes, you can use the same email and have multiple paid teams under your account.


If Glide tables doesn’t consume updates, that means i can have unlimited personal users and unlimited updates for $60/mth on the monthly payment plan, for Maker?
But with unlimited personal users who sign in, they each create a new row on the Signed in users table, but it seems like the total rows for the entire app is 25,000. Which means that it’s not unlimited personal users? It’s 25,000 users. Am i understanding this correctly?

And will i still be able to use row owners on the sign in table?

Unlimited users is not the same as infinite users. You are still restricted by row counts and data source limitations. It’s more that the user cap is non-existent on the Maker plan when those users are not using corporate/business emails.


To my knowledge, this does not have any effect on the ability to use row owners. I’m not sure why it would.

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Also correct!

…and effectively correct. :wink:

The new Maker plan was designed for prototypes, MVPs, etc.

The new Team and Business plans weren’t.

Your resource usage in the Maker plan should grow over time, and you should never think about switching to Team or Business as an “upgrade”.

Tell us if you’re concerned about a limitation of the Maker plan, e.g. it’s missing a key feature. We want to refine/improve the plans so folks choose the right one for whatever apps they’re building.

…hope that helps!


Thank you for this clarification, Andy! May I ask if there is a separate post where developers can list their suggestions as a 'missing key feature"? Thank you!

You can post a request in Feature Requests
Be sure to do a search first to check if what you want has already been requested. If it has, vote for it.

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Thank you!

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Hey Andy. It looks like we’ll be grandfathered in for awhile anyway, but I have a b2c app, where small businesses are connecting with consumers.

Maker would make sense for me, however most of the small businesses that use my app sign in with their business email and this isn’t allowed on Maker.

What happens then?


Apps on the Maker plan will ask users to use a personal email. :slight_smile:

Edit: Updated for clarity!

Ya I don’t know how widely understood that was when I started building on Glide a couple years ago.

Especially with b2c driven templates on Glide like airbnb and yelp apps. I was so excited to find Glide and loved building on it so I’ve been trying to adapt with the changes.

Hopefully there is a custom solution that I can manage

It’s overwhelming to consider completely starting over a live business and learning a whole new platform!!!


@NoCodeAndy in this case if the users of @Katelyn_Alberts edit their email (something we never did before) in this specific could work, forcing the user to Login again but now with the new updated personal email?

Or wouldn’t the user even have that option?

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