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Hello Gliders,

I took a look at the new pricing structure (I’ve used Glide before) and it doesn’t really make sense. Right now, from what I understand, if I want to have more than 1 app with unlimited personal users, I have to create 2 accounts and pay $50-$60 for each app. That sounds ridiculous compared to Glide’s previous pricing model.

For a better explanation of what I mean, here’s an example:
Let’s say I want to create multiple apps. Some for the use of me and my friends, for example and others for businesses. That means that I have to go on the Team plan. From there, I have unlimited apps, but only 20 users (at all or for each app - not specified).
Let’s take both cases.

  1. 20 users for all apps - I don’t know if I have to put arguments here - 20 users/unlimited apps makes no sense.
  2. 20 users per app - I can have unlimited apps on my plan but only limited to 20 users. So if I want to create an app for a company with more than 20 users, I have to pay by the user. Taken that into the “infinity” of the apps, makes no financial sense. I know I can create an account for each company, but that’s besides the point.

When I first read it and quite frankly - from what makes more sense, I would understand if on the Team Plan you have both unlimited Personal users and 20 Users that can go log into the app with any email. Right now Team Plan feels both like an upgrade and downgrade to the Maker plan.

I saw that there are other posts about it, but would love to hear your opinion on these points as well.

I’m always open to new ideas / points of view.

Stay safe!

It’s best to think of the new plans as two “versions” of Glide:

  • Glide for makers, i.e. the Free and Maker plans
  • Glide for work, i.e. the Team, Business, and Enterprise plans

You can upgrade the Maker plan to build multiple apps within the same team. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply, Andy!

While I understand the structure, having read thoroughly the pricing page and the forum before posting, the pricing system still doesn’t make sense. This point is not to solely explain the “New” structure, but to compare to the previous one, since there’s a transition here. I keep seeing many people posting about problems with the transition from the old plans to the new ones.

I didn’t see the Maker plan upgrades as an available option in the Pricing page, where I believe they should be. And having them checked out, the point of 2 apps with unlimited users still stands - $120 to have 2 apps for example.

And as someone explained previously, if your idea of Maker plan is to provide the ability for more B2C apps, it’s hard to grasp. With the amount of UI/UX limitations that Glide has, B2C is mostly out of the picture.

My whole idea (as of many others) is that the limitation of users, especially on the Business plan, is disappointing.

I won’t explain further, because there’s enough posts about it. You guys are clever enough to see your numbers change, based on that new pricing structure.

The Team plan includes 20 users (additional users can be added) for unlimited applications. This plan caters to teams, either small or medium-sized companies or teams within bigger companies, that will be building many applications to replace their internal processes with around 20 monthly active users.

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Fairly new to Glide, so treat me gently :slight_smile:

Can anyone explain why access to the API and the Call API are excluded from the Maker plan?

I thought Glide AI was available on all paid plans, which means Maker, Team, Business and Entreprise. I could be mistaken but that is the case I believe.

Basic API, Advanced API and Call API? It’s true it’s a good question. I suppose Glide considers that these features are “professional” features, whereas Maker caters to schools/education, communities, founders for prototypes, and serious hobbyists. But really these B2C apps could also benefit from connecting to the outside. You can achieve this with the Zapier and Make integrations on the Maker plan.

Thanks, I spotted that AI was included so amended my question. Still the absence of API (particularly internal) is problematic for more complex apps

Maybe @NoCodeAndy from Glide would have an answer to your question.

Also, you can head over to the features request list, see if there is a feature request about including APIs to the Maker plan. If so you can vote for it. If not you can create a request.

Complex API usage is an outlier for Maker plan customers.

Native integrations, along with Zapier and Make, cover the vast majority of those use cases.

Customers with more complex needs can get in touch with our sales team. They’ll help figure out a solution that doesn’t fit neatly into the self-serve plans.

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