Maker plan questions

Hello everybody.

I created an application for the company I work for, however, to support all users, the ideal plan would be the Maker Plan.

My question is: With the Maker plan, can I publish more than one application, even paying an additional fee?

All other plans do not fit the number of users, I will use around 50 to 60 users, not every day, but that amount will be registered in the system. The other plans only have 20 users and an additional 3 or 6 dollars per user, this is very expensive.


Yes, you can upgrade up to 5 times with the same cost of another Maker plan per additional app. It will give you an additional app in the same team and your limits will double for the team.

It is outlined in the documentation.

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With the maker plan, can I log in my users with the company’s domain? without using gmail.

Only personal emails allowed on the Maker plan. Something to keep in mind on Team is that the number of users is based on how many sign in each month, not how many you have with an account. So if only 20 out of 60 sign in each month then you don’t have to pay additional for the other 40 non active users

Users are the unique people who sign into your team’s apps each month



so the only way to log in to the maker plan is using @gmail, @outlook and .edu

Even though I only put it for users with specific domains?

Correct. I believe Glide uses some sort of program to determine if the email domain is a “business” and if it is, then it will be blocked from accessing a Maker App.

I believe if you have a dispute you can take it up with them and they will consider adding it on a case by case. But overall, the algorithm is very good