Update limit?

I got a message that I’ve reached the monthly update limit. I’m on a free plan at the moment trying to build, test, build test, etc. and I seem to have reached this limit doing this. I am trying to get this business going so I can bring in revenue and upgrade. I’m so close, but how can I do that if there’s a limit on testing my edits?

What is the limit and what qualifies as an “update”? I checked the pricing page and there is no mention of an update limit at all.

Is it a legacy free plan or a new free plan? Can you show your usage screen in the dashboard?

I presume new plan, since I started this about a month ago.

Jeff meant a screen shot from the Usage section on your Glide Dashboard. Seeing that page will help us understand which Plan you are on, whether or not it is a legacy plan, and what your specific limits are (they vary wildly), so we can then provide the best advice. Otherwise we’re just guessing…

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Oh, I hadn’t discovered that page yet. This is what it shows. Apparently I get zero updates and somehow had 14 out of 0?

What does Glide count as an “update”?

Okay, so it looks like you’re on one of the new Free Plans.
The Free Plan doesn’t allow any updates at all, but at the same time it shouldn’t be possible to incur any updates. Those updates you have are categorised as Syncs, which suggests that you may have an external data source (such as a Google Sheet) connected. Again, this shouldn’t be possible, but if that is the case it would certainly account for the updates.

So I guess my next question is - do you have any external data sources connected to any of your Apps?

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Yes, we were testing how to sync with a Google Sheet. Perhaps we were given a trial for Maker plan that expired? It’s not clear to me. We didn’t get an email about this.