Update data from screen in inventory app with various storage

Hi guys,

I would really appreciate it if someone can help me.

I’m currently working on an app to manage my events equipment stock. (just stock monitoring, no sell or reorder as in the Glide template).

We’ve got different storage with many articles in it.

I’m struggling to update the data from screen for an article in a storage. The edit form can only be link to one storage at the time.

Please someone help me as I would like to be able to sleep tonight :sweat_smile:

That’s correct. An edit screen is used to update the data in a single specific row.

If you want to edit data in several rows in a single screen, then one option could be to use a Data Grid Collection, and enable editing.

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Thanks for your answer @Darren_Murphy i’ll try this right now

@Darren_Murphy i know it’s to much asking but would you be ok to catch up via Gmeet ?

No, not now.
But if you explain where you are stuck and post some screen shots, I’ll try to help.

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