How to pass selected record to new Tab

I did not want to use the standard “Edit” screen, since they show the actual column names and can’t be customized with other components or UI, so I created a new Tab as an edit screen where users could make changes. However, whenever I click on any of the list of records, despite an action taking me to the editing Tab with that record, it always shows only the first record in the Data.
Is there a way I can pass on which record was selected to the new Tab? I don’t see any way to do this with the RowID, for example, in an action.

Edit screens are fully customizable.

Thank you, David, I had not realized how customizable they are!

However I am having issues creating a data grid inside of the Edit page, where I click on one record (ContactID 81 in image below), and the Data Grid shows data from another ContactID in a separate table. Can you suggest how I could tie these tables together so that Glide knows which user in the Birthday table should be associated with the Edit user in the Test Data 400 table? Thanks!

Before we dive deeper into the issue, I wouldn’t suggest using a data grid on the edit screen. The edits are instantly saved when you interact with the data grid, and I think users would expect an edit to only be committed once you push the “Submit” button.

Could you suggest an alternative that could nest inside the Edit page? And also is there a way to pass the currently edited row to this subordinate table?

Can you describe more about your data structure? What are we editing here? What components do you need to have on the edit screen?

3 tables from Sheets: User Data and Birthdays and Anniversaries of family members, which typically have multiples per user with different data for each. This is a site for users to edit their own data, and add or edit the Birthdays and Anniversaries. Since there is a one to many relationship separate tables with some key seems logical. But I do not see how to have the Data Grid (or other Collection structure) pick up the User Id or Row Id from the currently edited record.

So a user can be linked to multiple birthdays and anniversaries? Can multiple users be linked to the same birthday or anniversary?

No, only one user links to one set of birthdays, sorted by UserID in the Birthdays table.

How do people normally display Data Grids and Table collections inside Edit pages using data from other tables (eg. Payment Methods or Addresses for customers) in Glide, that use a Primary Key or RowID that matches the User table? Am I missing something obvious here?

They don’t.
An edit form is for editing a single row of data. It doesn’t make sense to nest an editable Data Grid or a Collection inside an edit form.

Why do you need these related records on an edit screen? That doesn’t make sense. Why not have them on the details screen? That’s the way it would normally be done.

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